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Fused Glass & Wire Designs               Diane Enger, artist and teacher                   

I like to think of my art pieces as paintings made with glass and wire.  I start with a blank canvas, which is a piece of glass or a wire form.  I then create a focal point.  Next, different kinds of glasses and wire work techniques are used to complete the "composition"...My art is all about reflection and contrast - reflection and contrast of materials and life experiences.  My glass and wire "paintings" take the shape of adornments for your body, soul or habitat.  I create visual pieces that give form, to my thoughts and observations.  Glass has an intrinsic reflective quality and when combined with wire work techniques or subjected to a variety of fusing techniques this quality can be enhanced or designed to intensify contrast.  I find these materials to be a perfect media to depict my observations and feelings visually.  I hope my work inspires you to take time to reflect....

Welcome to Time & Again Designs Studio.  I create one of a kind fused glass art: unique pieces for the adornment of your body and your home.  High standards of craftsmanship and customer service are the focus of my online business.  Do not hesitate to contact me for any additional information.  I hope you will enjoy your visit to my website.



Time & Again Designs Studio, Morganton, North Carolina, (828)443-5266